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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11001173692148269873095478100*Hayden BlowerElaine2018/2019Optus U17's5 1Golden Point White
28398242414826987309553483Nicholas PantzidisElaine2018/2019Optus U17's6 1Wendouree White
37898242414826987309547878Nicholas PantzidisElaine2018/2019Optus U17's5 1Golden Point White
466117369214826987309557366Hayden BlowerElaine2018/2019Optus U17's11 1Wendouree Red
56396497714826987309556263Seamus O DunneElaine2018/2019Optus U17's10 1Darley
65498242414826987309555754Nicholas PantzidisElaine2018/2019Optus U17's9 1Mt Clear
75298242414826987299419152*Nicholas PantzidisElaine2018/2019Optus U17 2nd XI1 1Brown Hill
85199157614826987308615651*James ParkinsonElaine2018/2019Optus U15 2nd XI10 1East Ballarat
951135869214826987308615651*Rory LudemanElaine2018/2019Optus U15 2nd XI10 1East Ballarat
1050135869214826987308612150*Rory LudemanElaine2018/2019Optus U15 2nd XI4 1Buninyong
1150146892914826987308612150*Luke J InglisElaine2018/2019Optus U15 2nd XI4 1Buninyong
125099157614826987308612450*James ParkinsonElaine2018/2019Optus U15 2nd XI5 1Ballarat-Redan Gold
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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