The early history of the Elaine Cricket Club is patchy.


At a reunion of the Club in 1986 a selection of former players and returned residents of the Elaine district related stories from the difference playing eras which, in one case,a Mr Allan Robinson recalled playing for the Club in the 1920s.


It was learnt also that night it was thought the Elaine Cricket Club was formed around about the turn of the 20thcentury, in the early 1900s.


Some players were said to have ridden their bicycles down the railway line from Lal Lal in order play to the game at the nearest club.


Elaine is a farming district located between Ballarat and Geelong in Western Victoria and it was also learnt that night at a stage during WW2 the Club was mothballed due to a lack of players and/or the rationing of petrol as theClub was required to travel extensively in order to play it games in the various competitions.


The interest in cricket at Elaine was rekindled towards the end of the 1950’s – whereupon the Club joined and played in the Leigh District  Association from 1957/58 to 1978/79, winning A-Grade premierships in both 1966/67 and 1970/71.

As the Club’s player list become more mobile, and more of its player began travelled to Elaine to play in its sides theClub, in 1978, applied for a transfer into the Ballarat Cricket Association where its remained ever since.


Still playing from its home base, at the sports ground south of the town and abutting the Midland Highway, cricket entered what was seen as its golden years during 1980s and 1990’s fielding two seniors and at one point (1984- 1988) ajunior under-12 side playing in the Ballarat Primary schools league.


While students for this team were sourced from at least six of the local primary schoolthe Club’s senior teams were frequent finals winning five premiership and twice runners-up in various BCA grades during this period.


However as the local primary schools are closed and residents moved away the interest in cricket quickly waned to the point where the Club failed to muster adequate numbers for the start of 2001-2002 season.


Recess was imminent and the Club remained mothballed until at public meeting in August 2012 saw life again breathed into the Club after an interest sparked by the district’s primary school-aged children and their participation in Cricket Australia’s Milo in2Cricket program that was conducted of the Elaine oval the previous year.


In that year 32 children participated in Milo Cricket and whether it’s true or not but has been said that Elaine is the first senior cricket club in Australia to be born from the seeds of interest generated by Milo Cricket.


In the first year back the Club fielded a senior team in the BCA District Division one-day competition which they were ultimately premiers, plus its first ever Under 14s team which experienced finals cricket at its first attempt.



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